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2017 – Best Electric Razor Reviews

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The Top Ten Electric Shavers and Reviews

We have compiled a 2017– Top 10 Electric Shaver review list that should give you a good idea on the most reviewed and highly sought after electric razors on the market today. All razors have a unique blend of features and differences. Read more about the details of each one on it’s own specific review page and make a decision on the particular electric shaver that may suit your needs.  This is a list that will change over time depending on the new reviews and changes to the shavers. Enjoy!

#1 – The Braun Series 7-799cc Wet & Dry

Braun 7-799cc Electric Shaver

The 799cc wet & dry model from Braun’s Series 7 collection expertly removes hair to leave skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. The combination of high tech features and powerful hair removal components makes this razor an instant fan favorite. The attractive gray, black and blue color scheme sure doesn’t hurt either.

The high-powered motor uses sonic technology that vibrates the shaving heads more than 10,000 times a minute. The two outer foils feature OptiFoil patterns that thoroughly remove hairs of all kinds at the base. The central trimming head utilizes ActiveLift technology to arrange even the longest of hairs upright for a clean cut at the root.

The highly flexible shaving head bends and moves over facial curves to pick up all of the hairs with just one pass. The foils also flex back and forth to remain in constant contact with the surface of your skin. Users really enjoy the ability to use three different shaving modes to personalize their shave each day.

The included Clean & Renew system keeps the razor in good shape over the years by cleaning, drying and lubricating the blades while charging up the battery to full capacity. The advanced display always ensures the razor receives a clean and charge session as needed to keep the unit ready to go. – Read More

#2 – The Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic

Braun Series 7 790 Electric Shaver

The high quality 790cc model from Braun’s Series 7 line can be used at home or while on the go to achieve a clean, close shave. The six level battery indicator on the LCD display always lets you know how much time you have left on the charge. With a generous 50-minute runtime on a full charge, you can squeeze up to 17 shaves before plugging it back into the charging dock.

The combination of a pivoting head and flexing blades ensure you can obtain the closest shave possible without worrying about missing any spots. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about trimming back your beard or waiting for stubble to grow out, thanks to the triple action cutting system. A combination of two high tech foils and a central trimmer capture short and long hairs in a single pass.

With the premium travel pouch and automatic voltage adaptation, users definitely appreciate how easy it is to take this model on the go. Furthermore, this razor cleans up in moments in the included Clean & Charge Station. Just one hour on the dock results in clean, lubricated blades and a fully charged battery. – Read More

#3 – The Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5


The ES-LV81-K from Panasonic’s Arc5 line offers an amazing amount of versatility and performance. The multi-arc, five blade cutting system efficiently removes facial hair without causing any irritation to the skin. The shaving head actually pivots around curves on the chin, jaw and neck to cut hairs at the base at all times. The motor turns an amazing 14,000 cycles per minute to provide the cutting blades with an immense amount of power.

With this razor, you can achieve a clean, close shave while standing in the shower or sitting in the car at work. You can even use any shaving cream, lotion or gel to moisturize while you remove facial hair. The shaving head easily rinses clean to restore the blades for the next session.

You have the ability to clean the cutting elements out under running water in the shower or by placing the razor in the included auto cleaning station. Users enjoy how the dock cleans and charges the razor in a short amount of time. If you don’t want to take the dock on your travels, you can utilize the sonic vibration cleaning mode to achieve a thorough clean under the tap. – Read More

#4 – The Philips Norelco 8900 1280X/47 Gyroflex 3D

8900 Series Norelco PhillipsThe 8900 1280X/47 Gyroflex razor model from Philips Norelco’s 8000 Series features amazing rotary blades that take the effort out of achieving a totally smooth finish. As you glide the blades over your face, you will notice how the whole head and individual elements move and flex over the curves. The rotary blades never seem to miss any spots due to the ability to stay in close contact with the surface of your skin.

The blade guides feature two circular sets of holes and slots designed to grab short and long hairs at the same time. The innovative blade design ensures you can even remove a three-day-old beard without trimming. You also never have to wait for stubble to grow past the surface before restoring the smooth finish.

This shaver features Aquatec technology that keeps moisture from damaging the internal components. As a result, you can use this shaver in the shower with your favorite cream or lotion. You can also rinse out the blades as necessary or just plunk the razor into the JetClean system that comes packaged with this device. The JetClean dock not only cleans and lubricates the blades, it also charges the battery back up to full capacity. – Read More

#5 – The Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5

Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 Electric ShaverThe high tech ES-LV61-A from the Arc5 lineup by Panasonic provides efficient shave results without causing a hint of irritation. The combination of a five blade cutting system and Multi-Flex pivoting head never leave stray hairs behind. The innovative Nanotech blades sit at 30 degrees to the surface of your skin to lift and cut hairs in an organized manner. Even hairs lying flat against your face are no match against the Lift-Tech foil patterns. If you need to trim up your sideburns, mustache or goatee, you’ll love the ease and efficiency of the pop up trimmer on the handle.

The gorgeous liquid blue LCD display gives you all of the information you need to keep this razor in good shape. You can check the battery level or status of the blades to determine if it’s time to perform a bit of maintenance. Keeping the blades in good shape doesn’t take much time or effort while using the sonic vibration cleaning mode. You simply switch on the device and place the shaving head under running water for a thorough clean. An hour on the charge provides you 40 minutes of power, which is about 15 full shaving sessions. – Read More

#6 – The Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic

Braun series-7-760 ShaversBraun created the 760cc for the Series 7 lineup to provide users with a close shave that doesn’t compromise on comfort. In fact, the incredibly flexible shaving head pivots and turns over facial curves to remove hair without tugging or pulling. The foils also flex and move to prevent missed spots that would otherwise require additional passes. The result is a smooth finish without painful razor burn or other types of skin irritation.

Facial hairs are removed at the root by the triple action cutting system and high-powered motor. The motor actually uses Intelligent Sonic Technology to create vibrations that gently coax hairs into range of the blades. The innovative foil patterns draw hairs into position for quick, efficient removal at the base. The central trimmer grabs all of those longer hairs and removes them without a problem.

Users love how easy it is to maintain this razor by using the Clean & Charge station after every use. The fast clean function readies the electric shaver within an hour by scrubbing the blades clean and lubricating the moving parts. An hour charge fills up the battery enough to complete 17 shaves with its 50-minute limit. – Read More

#7 – The Braun Series 5 5090cc

Braun-Series-5-5090cc-Electric-ShaverBraun’s 5090cc from the Series 5 collection offers a sophisticated blend of performance and finesse. The pivoting shaving head and flexible cutting elements pick up more hairs with each pass, minimizing the number of times you need to shave each area.

The triple action cutting system includes a set of foils and a central cutting element that work together to cut hairs back at the base. The high tech foils and trimming elements align flat lying hairs for efficient removal the first time around. An integrated trimmer pops up out of the handle for quick touch up sessions to shape your mustache or goatee. As a result of these innovative features, your skin will feel absolutely pampered at the end of every shave session.

Although this razor comes with a Clean & Charge station, you can simply wash out the blades with tap water while on the go. Upon returning home, pop the razor into the docking station to fully renew the cutting elements. In addition to cleaning stray hairs out of the blades, the dock also dries and lubricates all of the moving parts. The LED indicator even lets you know when the blades and battery would benefit from an hour on the station. – Read More

#8 – The Panasonic ES-LF51-A Arc4

Panasonic-ES-LF51-A-Arc4-Electric-Shaver-WetDryPanasonic’s Arc4 collection features the amazing ES-LF51-A electric razor designed to provide a wonderfully smooth finish. The 14,000 cycle per minute motor sends ample power flowing to the four blade cutting system, even as the battery runs low. The fully waterproof body protects that high performance motor from moisture while using this razor in the shower or at the sink. You can also utilize the protective travel pouch to pack up this razor for use on the go.

The real beauty of this razor is the way the cutting elements lift and remove hairs right at the root. The stainless steel foils feature an innovative pattern that stands up all of your facial hair, including difficult or curly strands, for quick removal by the high tech blades. The set of four blades sit at a 30-degree tilt to ensure close contact with your skin without aggravating the surface. As a result, this razor never pulls hairs before cutting or leaves razor burn behind.

Sonic vibration technology allows you to thoroughly clean out the cutting elements after every use. By keeping the blades clean, you extend the life of the cutting block to continue achieving perfect shave results. – Read More


#9 – The Philips Norelco 9700 – S9721/87

Phillips Norelco 9300 SeriesPhilip Norelco’s 9700 S9721/87 model from the Series 9000 collection gives users a close shave without causing razor burn, itchiness or other forms of irritation. The rotary shaving heads move in eight separate directions to always stay against the skin around tight curves. You can achieve a smooth finish on the chin or jaw line areas without repeating passes several times. In fact, the blades even pick up short and long hairs evenly with a single sweep across each area.

You can control the speed of the high performance motor to tone the shave intensity down on sensitive days or amp it up when you need quick results. The indicator on the body of the razor lets you know which setting you’ve selected before you start. Furthermore, the indicator shows the current battery level, travel lock setting and blade quality status. When the indicator displays a blade status warning, it’s time to replace the cutting elements with new parts to keep your razor as good as new.

You can pop this razor into the included SmartClean system to keep the blades in good shape in the meantime. The cleaning system scrubs the cutting elements clean and lubricates the moving parts while restoring the battery level to full. – Read More

#10 – The Panasonic ES-LT41-K Arc3

Panasonic-ES-LT41-K-Arc3-Electric-RazorThe powerful and versatile ES-LT41-K model from the Arc3 collection by Panasonic provides perfect shave results every time. Three high quality cutting elements sit on a pivoting head to achieve an amazingly smooth finish. The NanoTech blades feature an innovative 30-degree angle that reaches facial hair roots without aggravating the skin. You can use this shaver in the shower with cream, lotion or gel if you want an extra layer of protection against irritation.

You can also use this cordless razor on the road thanks to its large capacity battery and ability to adjust to voltage changes on the fly. While traveling, it’s smart to place the razor in the included travel pouch to protect the blades from damage. You can clean out the blades under running water to keep the edges incredibly sharp. Replace the blades once a year to renew the cutting block to continue achieving the results you seek.

Users love the information displayed on the high tech indicator on the handle. The indicator takes all of the guesswork out of figuring out when to clean or charge the razor. In addition, the indicator lets you know when you’ve properly activated the travel lock that keeps the device from powering on while traveling. – Read More


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