July 30, 2017

Reasons Why a High Quality Electric Shaver is Right for You

Reasons Why a High Quality Electric Shaver is Right for You

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At one time, the only shaving device choice was either straight razors or newly developed disposables. With the advent of electric razors, an entire range of options appeared. Modern electric razors showcase a wide range of features and blade configurations that blow prior shaver choices out of the water. Furthermore, unlike disposables, electric models can move and flex over the surface of your skin to provide a close, comfortable shave in a variety of settings. Electric shavers trump manual options in terms of speed, comfort, reliability and even value. Read on to learn more information on why you should invite a high quality electric shaver into your life today.

Reasons why you need a High Quality Electric Shaver

Quick Finish

Braun-Series-7-799ccElectric razors feature high tech cutting blades, uniquely shaped foils or guides and extremely maneuverable heads to remove all of your facial hair in a single pass. Both long and short hairs are easily arranged and removed by these elements without a hint of skin irritation, like razor burn.

These features not only provide a gentle touch throughout the shave, but they enable you to finish each session in less than five minutes. In fact, some shavers even speed up the process to less than three minutes each day. With the inclusion of high capacity batteries on most electric shaver builds, you can achieve up to 17 separate shave sessions on just one full charge.

Sharp Blades

Without the inclusion of extremely sharp cutting blades, electric razors may pull or tug on hairs during the removal process. Thankfully, modern razor developers create their razors using the sharpest of blades covered in protective foils or guards.

Specialized coatings help the cutting blades maintain their sharp edges throughout their expected service life of one to two years. Furthermore, cleaning docks and brushes help you remove dirt and debris to keep your electric shaver blades in perfect shape. The cleaning dock may even dry and lubricate the blade surface to help maintain its gentle touch.

Wet Dry Action

Whether you like to use your shaving device wet or dry, there is an electric razor available for you. Electric shaver manufacturers produce multifunction wet and dry use shavers with either foil or rotary heads. Sealing up the body of the razor keeps moisture from damaging the motor and other electrical components. As a result, you can use these models in the shower or fully submerge them in the sink for deep cleaning sessions.

You can even use a thick layer of shaving lotion, gel or cream to protect the surface of your skin from irritation, including razor burn. Moisturizers in the shaving products can also help keep your face smooth and supple for even longer after each shave.

High Portability

Philips-Norelco-S772085-7700-ShaverModern electric razors are designed to take on the go at a moment’s notice. Most of the shavers come packaged with a protective pouch or cap that protects the blades and finish on your travels. Furthermore, high quality shavers feature a travel lock device that prevents the motor from activating when the switch is turned on accidentally.

Long battery life makes it possible to complete your trip without having to charge the razor once along the way. If you do have to plug the razor into a new outlet, the battery and plug will detect the voltage rating and automatically switch to the correct configuration.

Frugal Options

Although high quality razors are packed with amazing features, there are plenty of models available that will not break the bank. You can stay on budget by narrowing down the features that are most important to you. If you do want to splurge on the best quality electric shaver, you can rest assured that its lasting durability will help the device pay for itself over time.

In fact, the ability to change out the shaving heads on occasion ensures the razor will last for years. As the price of disposable razors continues to go up, this sentiment becomes even more relevant to all of the electric models available today. Shaving manufacturers offer a warranty that spans several years to protect buyers from motor or electrical defects that may happen spontaneously.

Upon realizing all of the benefits of investing in an electric shaver, it will be hard to believe you stuck with disposables for so long. After all, the ease of use, quick finish and smooth results makes an electric razor a clear choice for the future. Owning your electric shaver model for a few years will even start to show its frugal side, as the total cost of disposable razors you no longer have to buy slowly adds up. Furthermore, if you use your shaver in dry conditions most of the time, you will save on shaving creams and lotions you normally could not live without.



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