July 30, 2017

Features Found On The Best Braun Electric Razors

Features Found On The Best Braun Electric Razors

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Features Found on the Different Braun Electric Shavers – Braun developed their razors with the end user firmly in mind. People love the gentle caress of the unique foils that cover the high tech triple action cutters. The vibrating shaving heads give the closest cut possible and make it easy to clean up the blades afterward. Even better, the power output of the motor can be adjusted on the fly to personalize the shave settings each day. Furthermore, Braun really thought of everything when they packaged many of their shavers with a Clean & Renew system that restores the cutting elements while charging up the battery. Read on to learn more about the amazing features found on a variety of Braun razors.

Best Features Found on the Braun Electric Shavers

Triple Action Cutters

Braun Series 5 Shaver ReviewEach of Braun’s Electirc razors in the Collection lineup

  1. Braun 7 Series
  2. Braun 5 Series
  3. Bruan 3 Series
  4. Braun CoolTec

feature the triple action cutting system. This system utilizes a unique middle trimmer flanked on either side by a unique foil covered blades. The central trimmer cuts back long hairs to prepare them for full removal by the foils. Otherwise, the ends of the long hairs wouldn’t properly thread into the holes in the foils. The foils pick up all of the short hairs and cut them back to reveal clean, smooth skin.

The triple action cutting system receives assistance from the flexible head design. The ability to move and flex over the surface of the skin ensures the razor picks up more hair with each swipe across your face and neck. Minimizing the number of swipes required for each shave drastically reduces irritation, including razor burn.

Unique Foils

The blade foils utilize ActiveLift technology that threads hairs through the cutouts for clean removal at the root surface. This system even works effectively along the neck and jaw line to reduce missed hairs with each pass. The OptiFoil cutouts feature a well-designed hexagon pattern that lines up even the most difficult hairs on your face.

The unique foil design prevents having to press down hard in order to lift up and align curly or difficult hairs. By eliminating excess downward pressure, you do not feel any pinching or pulling during the process of removing your facial hair. Using a gentle touch also dramatically reduces the chance of developing painful razor burn bumps on sensitive areas, like your neck or cheeks.

Sonic Technology

As you move through the collections from Braun, you may notice the motor speed increasing with each model. The basic models do not feature the intense vibrations found on the 5 and 7 Series razors. The Sonic Technology added to these razors makes it even easier to obtain the closest shave possible from an electric razor.

Braun Pulsonic Shaver Series 7The vibrations bring the root of the hair up past the surface, so the blades can cut it back at that point. This process extends the amount of time each shave lasts to decrease the number of sessions you need each week. If you needed to shave every day or even twice a day, you may notice that switching to these razors brings that number down to just a few times a week.

Personalisation Settings

The Series 7 by Bruan collection gives you the ability to personalize your shave sessions using a switch on the handle. The personalization settings include sensitive, normal and intensive to suit any skin condition. If your skin feels sensitive to the touch, turn the razor intensity down a bit for a gentle touch. On days when you want to race through the shaving process, switch it up to intensive to quickly and efficiently remove hairs.

Either way, you will not end up with razor burn if you use minimal pressure throughout the session. The normal mode runs the shaver at its average 10,000 cycles per minute speed for consistent shave results. You will quickly learn how each setting feels on your skin to make the best choice each time. You can even bump the intensity up or down to suit the sensations in each area of your face and neck.

Charging Station

The charging station cleans up the blades by removing stray hairs and oil from your skin. The cleaning process utilizes a proprietary cartridge of detergent that melts oils off the blade surface. By keeping the blades free of debris, the edges stay super sharp until the intended replacement period. Furthermore, the charging station dries the blades at the end of the cleaning session to prevent corrosion of the metal. Lubricants are added to the blades to reduce friction between moving components and keep the metal parts from overheating. Throughout this intensive process, the Li-Ion battery receives power up to a full charge.

If you like all of these features, pick the best Braun shaver for your needs today. The features included by this brand are created to keep you pleased with your shaver selection for years to come. –



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