July 30, 2017

Amazing Features Found On The Best Philips Norelco Razors

Amazing Features Found On The Best Philips Norelco Razors

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Amazing Features Found On The Best Philips Norelco Razors – With the Series 9000, 8000, 7000, 6000 and 4000 electric shaver lines from Philips Norelco, you are sure to find the perfect razor for your needs. Each collection offers a combination of features that provide you with a clean, close shave in an instant. Although the overall design of the shavers remain the same, this brand continues adding features to each product line. No matter what your price point, you can work your way through the models in each line to find the best balance of function and value. Knowing detailed information about all of the offered features will give you the advantage while narrowing down the choices in front of you.

Awesome features found on Philips Norelco razors.

Philips-Norelco-S772085-7700-ShaverTriple Rotary Heads

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Series:

  1. Philips 9000 Series
  2. Philips 8000 Series
  3. Philips 7000 Series
  4. Philips 6000 Series
  5. Philips 4000 Series

All of the models in each collection use a triple rotary shaving system to cut facial hair at the root. The triple rotary setup easily glides across the contours of your face to provide the closest shave possible. As you move from the Series 4000 to Series 9000 collections, you may notice that the shaving heads gain even more flexibility and maneuverability features.

For example, the shaving head on Series 4000 shavers flex in and out at a central point. Each of the rotary shaving blocks on the Series 9000 razors move independently and the head itself flexes, rotates and moves around the curves. You can decide which option best suits your features by reflecting on missed areas during prior shaves. As maneuverability increases, the chance of missing small patches or stray hairs decreases considerably.

Integrated Trimmer

All of the razors from Philips Norelco come with an integrated trimming device. When lying in place, the trimmer blends into the body of the razor for a seamless appearance. When needed, the trimmer pops up out of the handle for quick mustache or goatee touchups.

The narrow line of blades gives you the ability to precisely detail your facial hair to create new trends or follow existing ones. You can even line up your sideburns or neckline to avoid having to go into the stylist between haircuts. The trimmer always gently removes hairs without tugging at the root.

Once you’re finished with the trimmer, you’ll want to either blow or rinse out the blades to keep them fresh and ready for action. If you would rather maintain a clean, rugged look, you can pick up a Series 7000 model that also comes with a beard comb for shaping, not removing, your facial hair.

Wet and Dry Abilities

Philips Norelco built all of these razor models using AquaTec wet and dry technology. The AquaTec build keeps water out of the inside of the razor while using this device in the shower or at the sink. You can even use shaving products on your skin before removing facial hair with these razors. The ability to lather up with your favorite shaving cream, gel, lotion or foam protects sensitive skin from developing painful or annoying irritation.

Philips-Norelco-1280X47-SensoTouch-3D-Electric-Razor 8900Unlike foil razors, you do not need to pop off the shaving head to obtain a deep clean. Simply run the shaver under high pressure tap water to blast stray hairs out of the head. If you do not feel like the blades are cleaning up properly, you can scrub them out with the included stiff bristle brush.

Easily Replaceable Blades

Although cleaning up the blades keeps the edges sharp throughout the years, Philips Norelco recommends changing the rotary heads once every year or two. You can stick to an eighteen-month blade replacement schedule to obtain a good balance of value and function. The blade changing process doesn’t take more than a moment to perform.

You simply pop the rotary heads off and discard them in the trash. After that, clip the replacement blades on the shaver and rinse in cool water. You can also dry the blades and apply a thin layer of lubricant to the surface to keep the new edges sharp and capable.

Quick Charge Capabilities

When the battery indicator shows a low charge level, you can hook these razors to their charging cord or base for a refill. Each charge provides 50 minutes of cordless use time, which is often enough power to complete 17 shave sessions. You can also hook these razors up to the charger for five minutes to power it up enough for a single shave. If you leave the electric shaver on the charger for an hour, it will fill all the way up for weeks of use. You can charge your shaver nearly anywhere due to its ability to automatically switch between 100 and 240-volt outlets.

You cannot go wrong with any of the Philips Norelco razor lines. Simply determine which features you love and pick the razor that closely matches your expectations. –