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The Remington Rotary and Foil Shavers Review –

Best Remington Electric Shavers

Best Remington Electric Shavers

Best Remington Electric Shavers – If all you know are disposable razors, you may not realize the freedom and comfort electric shavers can provide. A carefully selected electric shaver can reduce the amount of time you spend shaving and eliminate tender skin from friction created by disposables. To find the perfect shaver, you must look at all of the offerings produced by long standing personal care product manufacturers, like Remington. After a long run producing firearms and farming equipment throughout the 1800s, Remington began manufacturing high quality electric shavers in the 1930s. With each passing decade, the shavers improved in technology and quality to create today’s highly sought after lineup. Unlike other shaver manufacturers, Remington offers both foil and rotary blade types to meet the needs of every potential customer.

Remington shavers were one of the best shavers in the past with the introduction of Foil technology in the 1970’s. Since then they have come out with good product to try and compete with the bigger competitors like Braun and Panasonic. With the true innovators of their time in electric shavers, Remington still to this day is one of the go to electric razors for men due to the cost and efficiency of the shaver.

It’s by personal preference by some to love the Remington shaver over the top brands due to the cost and efficiency of the electric razor. That is why it is best to always try all shavers before you make your decision on what electric shaver will work with your skin and facial hair. Sometime keeping it simple works best and other times buying a high end shaver is best. Everyone is different.

You have the Remington F Series (Foil) and the R Series (Rotary) shavers. Remington has a very good line for performance while saving money on your pocket book. They are not like the Braun, Panasonic or Philips razors with their high end premium razors, but Remington does have some good shavers for the price.

Reviews on Remington Razors

Remington Rotary Razors


Remington produces a high quality line of rotary razors that quickly and efficiently provide a clean finish. The flexing rotary head design drastically reduces skin aggravation without compromising on quality or speed.

Remington Rotary Shavers

Remington Foil Razors


Remington offers a full line of foil shavers that remove facial hair gently, yet effectively. Each razor features two efficient blades with protective foil guides that glide across the surface of your skin to prevent irritation.

Remington Foil Shavers

The advantages of the Best Remington Electric Shavers

Remington Foil Shaver:

The foil blades on a Remington razor provide a quick, no-nonsense shave without causing any skin irritation. This shaver features two foil-covered blades that flex to either side as you move the device over your facial curves. The foil patterns direct hairs into range of the blades for a quick, smooth cut every time. A small trimmer in the middle catches long or unruly hairs that aren’t captured by the foils. The combination of three separate stainless steel cutting blades allows you to remove your beard hairs in a single pass. You can utilize the trimmer to line up your sideburns, goatee or mustache in just a few easy swipes. A rubberized grip helps you maintain a firm grasp on the unit as you maneuver it around your face and neck.

The handle also features a LED battery indicator to help you keep a close eye on the charge level. The rechargeable battery gives you ninety minutes of shaving time for every full charge. You can easily recharge the battery to full status in just a few hours. If you’re not using your shaver every day, the battery will keeps its charge for up to 10 days total before it needs to be placed back on the charger. If you forget to charge the shaver, you can still run it while it is plugged into the wall. You can keep your shaver in good shape by regularly replacing the cutting blades as they wear out. To prolong the life of your blades, clean out the unit after every shave by running fresh tap water over the head.

Remington Rotary Shaver:

Remington’s Rotary Hyper Series is a triple blade rotary unit with individually pivoting heads. The blades follow your facial curves without using downward pressure to maintain contact. Each of the three blades features two separate cutting elements that capture both long hairs and short stubble. The combination of pivoting heads and advanced cutting elements protects your skin from irritation caused by friction and prolonged contact. For even more protection, you can use this waterproof shaver in the shower with your preferred shaving cream or gel. The rubber grip on the handle keeps the shaver tightly in your hand, even while using it in the shower. If you need to detail your goatee, mustache or sideburns, you can flip out the integrated trimmer to make quick work of that task.

A lithium battery gives you 50 minutes of shave time and the ability to quick charge the unit in just five minutes. The battery level indicator lets you know how much power you have left while shaving. You can keep the battery level full by placing the shaver on the included charge stand after every use. Before clicking the shaver onto the charge stand, you’ll need to make sure to rinse out the blades and head to remove hairs that could clog up the cutting elements. You may also want to oil the blades from time to time to keep them in good shape over the years. –

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