Best Philips Electric Norelco Shavers

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Best Philips Electric Norelco Shavers


The Best Electric Shavers by Philips

Best Philips Electric Norelco Shavers

Best Philips Electric Norelco Shavers – To keep a clean appearance, you may need to shave once a day or more. You can truly enjoy the experience by investing in the best electric shaver possible for your skin sensitivity levels and beard growth length. Placing your trust in a time-honored shaver manufacturer is a surefire way to find the best unit for your needs. The first shavers from the Philips owned brand, Norelco, hit the streets in 1948. A few years later, a multi-head unit brought their products into popularity. Today, their shaver lineup offers the best in technology and components for an unmatched shaving experience every time. Here are a few excellent models to consider during your search for the perfect shaver.

Best Philips Norelco razors are a rotary shaver verse the Panasonic and Braun foil shavers. We have found that most individuals prefer the rotary razors to foil razors as the foil shavers are too tough on the face for some. Philips Norelco is an excellent and durable razor, and Norelco is a name you can trust. Personal preference regarding rotary and foil electric shaver is really an individual preference, generally based on the way a person’s facial skin as well as thickness of hair adjust to every type of razor. However, if a person should select a rotary shaver above a foil razor, they need to check out the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D review, which is one of the best Philips Norelco electric shavers on the market for most men.

Several reviews have indicated that they have used several different foil electric razors within the past and constantly encountered discomfort to their neck and face from the foil shaver. No matter how long they used the foil shavers their neck and face would be irritated and burned after the shave. After using the Philips Norelco electric shavers just a couple of times, they had noticed the discomfort had became less and less noticeable. Now after using this shaver for over a month they have no discomfort after their shave. Using the Philips Norelco shaver wet, dry and with shaving gel you can get one of the closest shaves an electric shaver can give. – Amazing Features Found On The Best Philips Norelco Razors

Reviews on All Phillips Norelco Series Shavers

Philips Series 9000

Phillips Series 9000 Norelco

The 9000 Series models created by Philips Norelco use a set of precision blades to remove thick facial hair without missing areas. The blades comfortably bend and flex to protect your skin from irritation.

Philips 9000 Series

Philips Series 8000

Phillips Series 8000 Norelco

The 8000 Series by Philips Norelco features highly adaptive rotary shaving heads that precisely follow the curves of your face. The high tech shavers remove hairs just below the skin surface for lasting results.

Philips 8000 Series

Philips Series 7000

series 7700 Phillips Razor

Philips Norelco created the 7000 Series with a firm focus on providing an irritation free shave. The gentle blades pick up the majority of hairs with the first pass while smoothly gliding over the surface of your skin.

Philips 7000 Series

Phillips Series 6000

Phillips 6000 Series Norelco

The amazing 6000 Series from Philips Norelco shines in both wet and dry conditions. The flexible rotary heads give you the closest clean shave possible without causing razor burn or other forms of irritation.

Philips 6000 Series

Reviess on the Best Philips Electric Norelco Shavers

Philips Series 9000

The Series 9000 by Philips Norelco strives to provide you with a fast, enjoyable shave by offering the best in blade technology. Each of the three rotary blades on this unit individually pivots up to 30 degrees in any direction. The blades capture more hair with each pass due to this inventive design. Furthermore, the blades arrange the hair in an optimal position for removal right at the base. You can change the speed to one of three settings for a comfortable, yet effective shave, no matter the length of your facial hair. An LED display on the front of the shaver tells you when to charge the battery, clean the unit or replace the blades. The entire unit snaps in to the charging base for a battery refill and a round of sterilization and lubrication.

Philips Series 8000

The Series 8000 from Philips Norelco utilizes advanced blade technology on a pivoting head to provide an extremely close, yet comfortable shave. The triple rotary blades feature small slots, grooves and holes to capture a variety of hair types and lengths. The blades also lift up hairs before cutting to avoid missing ones that lie flat or against the grain. The surface of each blade features an extremely smooth finish that reduces friction to protect your skin from irritation. The integrated trimmer also prevents irritation by clipping back long hairs without prolonged, direct contact with your skin. In addition to pivoting in all directions, the flexible head folds inward and bends outward to cut beard hairs close to the skin over all of your facial contours.

Philips Series 7000

Reviews on Best Philips Electric Norelco Shavers

The Series 7000 from Philips Norelco focused entirely on giving the best shave ever through the new release of this triple rotary Series 7000 design. The incredible GyroFlex offers the most comfortable shave, even with hypersensitive skin area, the head moves around the contours with your face along with excellence unequaled by most other brands. Because of this, the shortest of facial stubble effortlessly cuts smooth with short amount of time and effort. Because the pivoting head effortlessly follows the shape of your facial area, you don’t need to apply very much pressure, which will guard your skin from irritation or discomfort. The AquaTec engineering enables you to shave whatever method you favor. Have a comfortable dry and fresh trim, or even a rejuvenating wet shave by using foam or liquid gel.

Philips Series 6000

The Series 6000 by Philips Norelco focused on providing the closest shave ever with the release of the triple rotary Series 6000 model. The amazing GyroFlex head moves around the curves on your face with precision unmatched by any other brand. As a result, even the shortest of stubble easily trims smooth with very little time or effort. Since the pivoting head easily follows the curves on your face, you do not need to use much pressure, which protects your skin from irritation. If you need to soothe your skin with shaving gel or cream, you can use this completely waterproof unit in the shower or at the sink. The shaver fully charges in an hour for up to 40 minutes of runtime. You can quick charge in three minutes to finish up if your shave runs longer than normal.

Philips Series 4000

The Series 4000 by Philips Norelco begins their current model line with the triple rotary Series 4000. Three rotating heads reach every nook and cranny to provide you with a truly close shave. The head pivots around to keep the blades in contact with your skin at all times, even around tight contours. The innovative blade configuration lifts up flat or difficult hairs for quick removal with the first pass. This unit cuts both long hairs and stubble perfectly every time. Trim up your sideburns or neckline with the integrated trimmer with just a flick of a button. Each charge keeps the unit running for fifty minutes straight. Since you can use this shaver wet or dry, you can easily rinse the blades clean under running water when you’re done shaving. –


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