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The Panasonic Arc Blade Series – Reviews on the best razors by Panasonic

Best Panasonic Electric Shavers

Best Panasonic Electric Shavers

Best Panasonic Electric Shavers – When Using a high quality Panasonic electric power shaver you are able to reach an optimum overall shave as well as a level of comfort using their impressive cutting sensor plus facial hair thickness adjuster for better cutting power and strength overall. Shave more effectively using extremely sharp Panasonic cutting blades, Pivoting head slides very easily across facial hair, your chin and jaw line as the powerful motor sustains maximum overall performance all through it’s battery lifespan. Use within the shower as well as shaving dry with the wet/dry advantage. Auto washing and charging station, vibration washing setting, LCD screen, as well as a built-in pop-up trimmer and with travel pouch included.

Panasonic electric shavers are extremely resilient as well as built with extreme detail and quality to match or exceed it’s competition. The Panasonic shaver is one you will not be disappointed by. The quality of their shavers are by far why they are in the top 10 of all shaver reviews by individuals across the world. They’ve built one of the more highly-priced electric razors available on the market. If you want the very best of from your electric shaver and looking to buy one of the best shavers on the ,market. Panasonic is definitely a dependable company based in Japan and it has by no means developed an average electric shaver throughout the years it’s been developing and producing well built electric shavers.

Panasonic brings about some of the most innovative concepts to the electric shaving world as well as building a series of Arc5, Arc4 and Arc3 razors that can compete with any electric shaver out there like Braun series electric shavers. When choosing your Panasonic shaver, keep in mind your buying a shaver that will last and out perform most brands out there. High quality and durability is why Panasonic shavers are highly reviewed as one of the best!

The right electric shaver saves you time and money while protecting your skin from irritation commonly caused by disposable razors. To obtain the perfect shaver, you must take a moment to find the best option for your needs by researching the various brands on the market today. One such brand, Panasonic, is known for making quality products, and their shavers are no exception. This brand makes all of their products using high quality materials for their technologically advanced builds. Explore the three newest offerings made with Panasonic’s Arc technology to pick a shaver that definitely meets your needs. Check out more information on article post – What People Love About The Best Panasonic Electric Razors

Reviews on All Panasonic Arc Blade Electric Razors

Panasonic Arc 5


Panasonic pulled out all the stops while creating their amazing Arc5 electric razor. Five high tech cutting blades, superb maneuverability and advanced motor controls used on this model will give you a perfect shave every time.

Panasonic Arc 5 Blade

Panasonic Arc 4

Panasonic Arc 4 

While creating the Arc4, Panasonic increased the number of blades and motors to improve shave quality and speed. Nanotech blade technology remains standard on this model due to its impressive clean performance wet or dry.

Panasonic Arc 4 Blade

Panasonic Arc 3

                            ES-LT71-S Shaver

Although the Arc3 is technically the base model from Panasonic, you would not know it from the amazing features and performance alone. This electric razor can remove the thickest of beards to create a truly smooth finish.

Panasonic Arc 3 Blade

The Different Advantages of  the Best Panasonic Electric Shavers –

The Panasonic Arc3

Panasonic’s electric shaver lineup begins with the innovative Arc3 model. This shaver expertly utilizes a three blade cutting system to provide you with a close shave without any irritation. The blades sit in an arc formation at 30 degrees to grab and cut difficult hairs with one smooth pass. The stainless steel foils provide an extra layer of protection while maneuvering the pivoting head around your facial curves.

Panasonic Electric-Shaver Reviews

Panasonic Electric-Shaver Reviews

You can use the 10,000-RPM motor to power the cutting system or pop up trimmer. The trimmer comes with a comb attachment that allows you to shape your beard, sideburns or neck hairs using five separate setting lengths. This shaver allows you to shave in both wet and dry conditions. You can also use shaving cream, foam or oil with this unit. A rubberized grip keeps the shaver firmly in your grasp even in slippery situations. To clean up at the end of your shave, you may either rinse out the blades using tap water or snap the unit into the Clean and Charge Station for the night.

The Panasonic Arc4

Panasonic added an extra blade and a few more features to the impressive Arc4 model. This unit utilizes two motors to provide a close cut by powering the four blades and vibrating the outer foil. The blades utilize nanotechnology to trim hairs below skin level, making the results of each shave last longer than ever.

The head easily pivots around your jaw line, cheeks, chin and other facial curves without leaving any hairs behind. A second pass is rarely needed, which keeps your sensitive skin feeling refreshed after the shave. To protect your skin even more, you can use this shaver in the shower with your favorite cream or foam products.

If you’re in a hurry, quickly use the shaver dry for an equally nice shave. The pop up trimmer allows you to keep your mustache or sideburns in control with every shave session. An LCD display keeps you informed about the unit’s battery level and blade cleanliness with a quick glance. You can slip the shaver into the included Clean and Charge station to restore the blades and battery for your next session.

The Panasonic Arc5

Reviews on Panasonic Shavers

Reviews on Panasonic Shavers

The Arc5 is not only the most powerful shaver in this lineup, it also has the most blades. Five separate blades utilize a variety of foil patterns to capture all of the different hairs on your face. Each blade uses nanotechnology and sits at 30 degrees to remove hairs just beneath skin level. The foil types include closely spaced mesh, slit blades and lifted edge patterns, which target varied hair types found in most beards.

The innovative motor design senses the length of your beard to modulate its speed up to an amazing 14,000 cycles per minute. The shaver’s head gently moves around on the base to precisely follow all of the curves on your face and neck. You can flip up the trimmer on the side for quick mustache and side burn touch-ups, and then turn it back down to finish your shave. Use the included LED monitor to determine when to plug the shaver into the Automatic Cleaning & Charging system for a quick all-over refresh. Best Panasonic Electric

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