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Best Electric Shaver

best electric shaverFor convenience and speed, the best electric shaver lets you get through your morning shaving routine quickly without the nicks and accidents that can happen when using manual razors. These are not just built to get facial hair off of your face but also do it in an expedient and safe manner.

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In our reviews of the top shaving tools, the electric shaver ranks among the most popular among men because of its simplicity, ease of use and portability. You can pretty much take it anywhere and use it.

These are our choices if you’re looking for one, along with their reviews.

Best Electric Shaver Reviews

Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver

Braun Series 7 Shaving SystenThe Braun Series 7 Shaving System has technology all it’s own when it comes to shaving with an electric device. Its innovative features make it our best electric shaver pick in our reviews. The advances in the Series 7 includes Activlift and Optifoil, both of which work together to give closer shaves.

Braun Series 7 with Pulsonic Shaving Ability

The Activlift works by pulling up hair that’s flat that’s difficult for the blade to cut. In doing so, it exposes them. Optifoil on the other hand is Braun’s unique design that lets you get as close a shave as possible. These technologies in combination allow the shaving system to pick up more hair and allow for a closer shave.

This unique electric shaving device also uses more than 10,000 micro vibrations per minute for better results. If a close shave is not needed, you can use the unit’s three different personal shave settings, or its trimmer feature that’s made to handle longer hair for when you want to style or trim your mustache, beard or even sideburns. The Braun Series 7 also comes with a clean and renew system and cartridges as well as a convenient traveling case.

Panasonic ES8103S Wet/Dry Shaver

Panasonic ES8103S Electric RazorThe Panasonic ES8103 shaving solution uses 3 nanotech blades and a pivoting head for a smooth shave, even on difficult to shave places. This electric razor runs on 13,000 revolutions a minute for a fast shave without tugging and irritation associated with slower shavers.

Panasonic ES8103S with Arc 3 Blade System 

This Panasonic offering makes our best electric shaver reviews thanks to its versatility. Like the Braun Series 7 above, it can be used for both wet shaving as well as dry, which allows you the freedom to use it while in the shower, if you choose to.

If you want to style or do some detailing, the device also comes with a convenient pop up blade to quickly trim detailed areas like sideburns and beards. For maintenance, you get an easy clean system with a turbo mode to shake loose any hair stuck in the blades.

A travel pouch is included in the shaving system’s package making it easy to pack the unit up and slide it into your luggage. Good news for those with who have skin that are easily irritated. this shaving device uses hypoallergenic blades and foils making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

Panasonic ES-LT41-K Rechargeable Shaver

Panasonic ES-LT41-K ShaverThe ES-LT41-K is very similar to Panasonic’s ES8103 above in the reviews. This is also a 3-blade electric razor that offers users a quick 1 hour full charge that lets you get a run time of 45 minutes.

Panasonic ES-LT41-K for Wet or Dry Shaving

The unit also features a flexible pivoting head for easy shaving under the chin and around sideburns. One added bonus of the ES-LT41-K is it comes with a locking mechanism you can use when traveling. What this does is make sure that the unit won’t turn on even when the power is accidentally turned on.

It uses rechargeable lithium ion batteries to power its LCD display which gives you setting information. Even with the electronic display, this shaver can be used in wet conditions, with gel or cream, should you want a more relaxing and smooth shave.

This electric razor has a high powered motor for a more comfortable shave to prevent tugging and the LED battery powers the motor well up until the last shave.

Philips Norelco PT730 Electric Razor

Philips Norelco PT730 RazorThe Norelco PT730 Electric Razor from Philips has a Dual Precision shaving system, ideal for shaving not only longer facial hair but also with the ability for cutting, trimming or styling shorter stubble. The three heads come with flexing mechanism that allow it to automatically adjust to facial contours.

Powertouch PT730 by Philips Norelco for Men

The PT730′s patented Super Lift and Cut offers a close and seamless shave. This Norelco electric shaver also has a built-in trimmer that allows you handle beard, mustache and sideburns for when you don’t want to just shave all your whiskers away.

This electric razor offers an easy to wash design, and can be used with or without the cord. Its LED battery offers very long cordless use time on a full charging of 8 hours.

Like many of the electric shavers in our reviews, , this Philips Norelco electric razor is great for traveling, coming with a traveling bag and cover cap to protect it. Made for portability, it uses an AC adapter that can easily be used for international travel.

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Electric Shaver vs. Razor

One of the frequent questions we get asked is whether one should choose an electric shaver or a razor. The simple answer is there is no one method better than the other because they both do an excellent job for shaving. But, a lot depends on your lifestyle, the time you have to shave and personal preference.

So a better way in making the decision between electric shaver vs. razor is pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of both styles.

It is also important to understand that razor can mean a number of things, it can mean a manual cartridge razor, which is among the most common. It can also mean more traditional methods like the straight razor or the double edge razor. Whichever of these methods, you end up holding the apparatus with a blade in your hand and controlling it manually by guiding the sharp end of the blade across your face.

Panasonic ES-LF51-A Electric Razor

Panasonic ES-LF51-A Electric ShaverAs far as electric shavers are concerned, power is a good thing. The more power the unit has, the better the shave you get. That’s because the blades move at a faster rate giving them the ability to slice through not just more hair but tougher ones as well.

Panasonic ES-LF51-A Foil Shaver

Panasonic’s ES-LF51-A delivers just that. With a linear motor delivering 14,000 cycles/min., this foil shaver lets you get a cleanly shaven face in a short amount of time. The ES-LF51-A comes with Panasonic’s ARC4 technology where you get 4 blades doing the work of one.

In combination with this it has a shaving head that pivots in all directions. Together, these make up for the inherent design shortcoming of the foil style razor, allowing it to work similarly to rotary shaver in terms of reaching the curves and edges of your face.

The presence of a pop-up trimmer, short 1 hour full charge time, wet and dry shaving ability and easily be rinsed to clean in water make it another best electric shaver choice in our reviews.

Electric Shaver Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Using an electric shaver is a much faster way to shave. Its blades run automatically once you turn the device on and there are guards that cover the blades so you don’t scratch or nick yourself. This way all you have to do is run the shaver over the surface and it cuts off the hair there. These save you a lot more time in the morning when you’re in a hurry to get to work.
  • One of the major advantages of electric shaving tools over razors is control. Modern shaving units give you a lot of settings including length so you can control how long or short you want your mustache, beard or goatee to be. Once the device is set it can consistently cut the whiskers to the same length. This is much more difficult with razors where you have to manually gauge the pressure it you want to control length.
  • Modern electric shavers give you the convenience of easier cleaning after you shave. Because there are no shaving creams, soaps and other accessories to clean or put away afterward it makes them more convenient to use overall. Many higher end models also feature built-in hair vacuums which catch most of the hair that’s cut so they don’t end up in the sink. These make less of a mess and let you clean less after shaving.
  • Some other benefits of electric shavers are their portability. They can be used anywhere. If you like being able to shave while in the shower, there are also some models that are made for wet and dry shaving.


  • The one main drawback of electric shavers is they are on the onset, more expensive. Cheap electric shavers will cost around $40 while some high end models will run to $100 an above depending on what features they have. You will however find many within the $60 to $80. Razors meanwhile are much cheaper to buy.
  • Because they run on electricity, these types of shaving devices do require a power source in one way or another. Corded shavers have to be plugged to the wall in order to use them. Some models are rechargeable, which are more convenient but still do need to be plugged in when their charge is low.

Razor Advantages and Disadvantages


  • On the onset, razors are much cheaper on average compared to an electric shaving device. Do remember that you will have to keep replacing the blade after a certain number of use. So while cheaper on the onset they do have some residual expenses after, compared to none for the electric shaver.
  • The main reason shaving purists stick to razors is the quality of shave they provide. Electric shavers do a great job but razors give you the closest shave around.
  • If you enjoy the shaving experience, wet shaving offers a relaxing and a more enjoyable means of shaving. This is why a lot of people get their shave done by a good barber. Aside from getting an extremely smooth, clean shave, you get to relax and get away for a few minutes.


  • One drawback of razors is their blades are exposed. This means that you can nick yourself or get cut as you shave. Compared to electric units where there are small grills that keep your skin away from the blade, razors do their job by having the blade contact the skin. That’s the reason they provide a closer shave but also why you can cut yourself.
  • Another thing men often don’t like about shaving with a razor are the burns and sometimes also the skin irritation that results from them. These occur as because of the contact between the steel and blade with your skin, also if your razor’s blade is blunt.
  • If you’re into wet shaving, you’ll know the importance of shaving cream or soap. With razors, these help lubricate the skin surface and exfoliate it, resulting in better, cleaner shaving. But you do have to spend extra for these accessories which can pile up over years of trimming your facial hair.

Types of Electric Shavers

When it comes to choosing electric shavers there are three major types to pick from. These essentially serve the same purpose but achieve it in different ways.

Foil Shavers

foil shaverThe foil shaver is very similar to the disposable razor almost everyone starts with. They are best used in straight motions as you would that of a manual disposable razor. Where they differ is that foil shavers have their blades hidden underneath a steel guard, this screen is called the foil, which protects you from getting cut or nicked during the shaving process.

Foil shavers cut facial hair by pulling those that go through the holes of the foil screen, so that the blades, which move from side to side, are able to cut them.

These types of electric shavers come in single, twin and triple foil, which signifies how many shaving heads are present in the device. The more heads the better the shave.

If you have sensitive skin or want the closer shave, this is what you should go for.

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Rotary Shavers

rotary shaverThe other main type of electric shaving system is the rotary shaver. As opposed to the straight heads you see in foil shavers, rotary shavers have multiple round heads. The round heads are covered by small screens that keep your skin away from the blades.

The reason the heads of a rotary shaver are round is because the blades of this device are designed like fan blades, where they run in circular motion. The cut by using the spinning blades.

Rotary shavers are better for longer hair. So if you like taking time between shaving sessions, these types of shavers are better since they cut longer whiskers better than their foil counterparts.

Also, because the heads are separated from one another and shaped differently, they work better than foil heads for corners and contours.

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Wet/Dry Shavers

This final addition has been around only in recent years. Wet and dry shavers can be foil or rotary by design. How they differ from the other two types is they have the added feature of being usable in wet conditions such as the shower. With them you don’t have to worry about damaging the electronics or mechanical parts even when they get wet.

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