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Best Beard Trimmer

best beard trimmerIf you like to maintain neat and tidy facial hair, the best beard trimmer will be your answer. Not everyone wants to completely get rid of their beards. In fact, many people really look good and manly with them. But if you decide to grow your whiskers, do make sure not only to keep it clean, but also groom and trim it so you look good and respectable, not unkempt.

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For styling and trimming hair on our cheeks and chin, our beard trimmer reviews below offer the top picks you can select from. They range from those that can be used not only for your mustache or beard but also your hair and body, to those that are specially made for custom styling.

Best Beard Trimmer Reviews

Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-S Hair & Body Trimmer

Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-SPanasonic has created a beard trimmer that handles both beard and body hair. It works for both wet and dry shaving conditions. You can fully submerge it into water and thanks to a unique drain in the base it will always drain out and work fine the next time you want to use it.

See the Panasonic Milano ER-GB40-S for both hair and body use

It also has good battery life because after 15 hours on the charger it will run for up to 50 minutes straight. This Milano Series trimmer also features a rubber grip so you can hold it easily, even in the shower, without it slipping off of your hands like they could with metal or plastic holders. The stainless steel blades are hypoallergenic which reduces any possibility irritation or itching during or after each shave.

One thing that makes this trimmer more convenient is the fact that there are no extra combs. A simple dial is all you need to adjust the comb. This eliminated the need for having to attach and detach any combs when you want to use a longer or shorter setting. Instead just adjust the dial to the length desired and the built-in comb sets the height needed for the beard length you want.

Philips Norelco QT4070 Pro Trimming with Vacuum

Philips Norelco QT4070 Beard TrimmerThe best beard trimmer for you could be the QT4070 with a vacuum if you are tired of trying to clean up the hair from your bathroom. It will capture all your beard, mustache and stubble effortlessly so that you do not have to worry.

Check out the QT4070 with Vacuum by Philips Norelco

This extra feature functions by turning on the vacuum suction as you trim or shave. This way, instead of the whiskers falling into the basin they are collected in a small hair compartment in the device. When the compartment gets full you can just open its lid and dump the hair into the trash.

There is also a button which will give you an extra boost in speed when you are in a hurry. You can turn this on and off as needed. The Norelco QT4070 also has a digital display that will show you the battery life it has left and what hair length it is set to. Battery life will last you about 50 minutes on a single charge. Of all the trimmers only this one will give you all you need to have a close shave every time you want it.

Wahl 9854-600 All In One Trimming Device

Wahl All In One TrimmerThe Wahl trimmer features a rechargeable battery that can hold charges while in use for about ten times longer than other trimmers and it is more powerful than some of the best beard trimmers thanks to its torque power.

See the Wahl All in One Rechargeable Unit with Base

Compared to the other beard trimmers in our reviews, this stands out because of its very short charge time. A quick charge can take as little as five minutes and a fully charged battery can be achieved in an hour.

It comes with everything you need for your facial hair including beard guides, detailer’s, and three combs that guide the T-blade hair trimmer.

The Wahl All-In-One Trimmer also one of the few beard trimmers that do not lose charge while they are simply sitting on the counter. It is also lightweight so that its easy when you are grooming yourself.

Philips Norelco QS6160 StyleRazor Pro

Philips Norelco QS6160The QS6160 is ideal for coarse facial hair and does an excellent job on detail styles around goatees, mustaches, and sideburns. It also comes with 12 unique settings which will allow you to trim your hair to whatever length or style you want for it to be.

Check out the StyleRazor Pro Model QS6160

This Philips Norelco unit also comes complete with a detail comb so that you can get to the harder to reach areas of your face with ease, even under your nose.

It is easy to store, easy to travel with and offers a very quick charging option for the person who is on the go.

The QS6160 uses twin foils to ensure that you have a close shave every time you use this beard trimmer and you will never have to worry about having stray hairs longer than the rest.

Remington MB4040 Rechargeable Trimmer

Remington MB4040Among our best beard trimmer reviews, the MB4040 from Remington has the longest running time, able to last 2 hours on a full charge. Another appealing aspect is its low price, which at $30 make it among the more affordable beard trimmers around.

Click to see the MB4040 Trimming Unit by Remington

The MB4040 offers 9 length settings that are locked in place so the comb is set to the correct length while you trim, without the risk of it slipping to other settings. If you like to keep a beard, stubble or goatee, this Remington creation helps you with 3 custom made attachments specifically made for each of these styles. Just clip on the desired head and it will guide you so each time will be the same as the previous. No more guessing or estimating.

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Choosing the Best Beard Trimmer to Buy

Our above beard trimmer reviews offer the top choices when it comes to being able to style and shorten facial hair. All of the units we’ve selected will serve you well, but we do understand that everyone has their own preference and one device will be better suited for a specific individual based on what the like and don’t like in terms of features.

To help you make your final decision, the following is a beard trimmer buying guide that can help you choose from the units and their reviews above.

  • Comb Settings

The great thing about beard trimmers is that they’re simple electric devices. Among their features, the most important is the cutting ability specifically, being able to control the length of your beard. For that, the trimmer’s comb settings comes into play.

Today’s models come with many different styles and combs. Some come with digital settings, others with adjustable knobs. What’s important to consider is the number of settings available and the lengths they can cut.

Most models range from as low as 3 settings to as many as 18. For most people anything between 7 to 10 settings will work more than fine, unless you really want to be able to adjust micro-lengths. The more settings, the smaller the differences between lengths. The length settings make trimming much more convenient compared to using a blade or even a knife’s edge as some old-timers did.

Just as important is to look at the corresponding lengths of the highest and lowest settings, and see if they’re within the range you want to trim your beard.

Usually the shortest will give you close to a clean shave, with some units even having a special stubble feature.

  • Available attachments and Guide Combs

Attachments are available in some units. These are heads that can be tacked on the top of the trimmer and removed when not in use. This used to be the norm in older models when combs weren’t integrated into the trimming device. Though many new products still use this method to give users full control of the cutting process.

These attachment heads often allow you to control how long the trimmer will cut the beard, with some having choices between an eight of an inch to half an inch. Other attachments include stubble guides as well as those for styling your facial hair. These make it easy if you like to maintain a goatee, full beard or any other look.

It would also be good to be aware that some trimmers come with an all-in-one functionality, which means they could include things like foil shaving, the ability to cut hair on your head, and even clip nose hair.

  • Size of the Device

Once you know what type of cutter you want, you’ll need to decide on the other features that aren’t directly related to the trimming process. The next items cover these beginning with the size of the unit.

Size may not be an issue if you plan to just keep it in your home’s bathroom. But if you travel a lot for work or like to be able to shave when on vacation with your family, you will want to get something that’s more suitable to travel.

Pick those that are smaller, and portable. Travel units often don’t come with large bases, and even have travel pouches or bags you can put all the shaving accessories in.

  • Corded or Cordless

This is an important feature for many. A corded unit will mean you need to stay close to the power socket while shaving. You’ll also need to ensure that there is in fact a power source near your bathroom mirror otherwise you’ll have to be more creative.

Almost all brands carry cordless models so you can find one easily. Do keep in mind that with cordless trimmers you will have to remember to recharge them or replace the batteries when their drained.

  • Battery or Rechargeable

Corded and cordless models have their advantages and disadvantages. And while corded trimmers can limit when and where they can be used, they don’t have the added chore of you keeping track of how much power is left in the device.

With cordless models you will have to pick between a battery powered unit or a rechargeable one. Battery units obviously have a disadvantage in that you need to spend extra now and again to replace the batteries.

Meanwhile, rechargeable ones often come with a large charging base. You’ll also have to take into consideration how long the unit charges. This is very important as some offer quick charging that get you to full load in an hour, while others you need to leave overnight for 15 hours or so.

Most of the best beard trimmer choices will have charging times between 1 to 4 hours, with many falling in the 1 to 2 hour range.

  • Running Time

Another added issue with rechargeable units is their run time. This also varies quite a bit, with some only being able to go for 30 minutes before requiring another charge. On to high end, a few models are able to provide you with as long as 2 hours of running time.

While longer is better, how important this is will depend on how long it takes for you to shave. Someone who takes a short time will be happy with an average run time while someone who takes longer while shaving won’t be satisfied by it. On average, most beard trimmers fall between 45 minutes to an hour when it comes to run time.

An extra feature you may want to look out for is the warning light indicator. A number of models have this wherein an LED light goes off when there’s between 5 to 7 minutes of power left in its charge.

  • Maintenance and Cleaning

Finally, there’s maintenance and cleaning. If you don’t like doing this, look for a trimmer that is maintenance free. This will mean that the blade are self-sharpening, and that you won’t need to spend time opening up the unit and oiling the insides to keep in it good running order.

Another extra that you may want to look for is the built-in vacuum system. This isn’t as helpful as the maintenance free feature but can really improve shaving time because you spend less time cleaning after yourself when you’re done shaving. These beard trimmers help by using a vacuum internally to collect the hair that’s been cut off. This way they don’t end up in the sink where you have to clean them. After a while, when the hair collection bin in the shaver gets full, you can open it and throw them in the trash.

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